Øvre Åselivatn

Øvre Åselivatn

Øvre Åselivatn - The gateway to the alpine world

Experience walking between thousand-meter-high mountain peaks, mountain lakes and a breathtaking view

Experience walking between thousand-meter-high mountain peaks, mountain lakes and the breathtaking views of both the coastal area that looks out to the island of Landegode, and inland across the mountainous valley. After a short trip through relatively easy terrain, over scoured bedrock and through birch forests, you will find yourself at the entrance to the alpine mountain world that surrounds Bodø, giving you the chance to enjoy the incredible scenery.

The tour is suitable for most people and age groups. We will provide a safe and secure environment in which to travel and offer an insight into the history of the area as well as relevant facts during the tour.

In this open and scoured landscape you will also see many tracks after the last ice age,  approx. 10,000 years ago.  Glacial striations and chatter marks are clear indications of the former presence and movement of the ice.

After the tour is complete and on your way back, you will pass Saltstraumen, a tidal whirlpool that holds the accolade of the strongest tidal current in the world. A stop here will make your trip truly memorable.

Start and finish

The tour begins and ends in the parking lot at Nedre Åselivatn.

Transport to the starting point can be arranged.


Approx. 4,5 km round trip (from starting point to Øvre Åselivatn),

and with a height difference of approx. 100 meters from the starting point to Øvre Åselivatn.

Duration of the tour

Round trip walking time is approx. 1 hour, depending on the fitness and walking pace.

The total length of the tour is approx. 2 – 2 ½ hours.

(In addition, approx. 40 minutes drive each way from Bodø city center).

The length of the trip is largely determined by the fitness level of the participants who book the trip. During the estimated time, both the walking-time and time to enjoy the view and the landscape is included. If you want to spend more time doing this, or if you want to go further into the valley, please do not hesitate to ask. See more information under Prices.


Shoes and clothes should be appropriate for weather conditions at the time.

Food and drink

Hot/cold drinks and snacks will be provided during the tour.

Price per group

1-2 persons: 1 000, - NOK

   3 persons: 1 300, - NOK

   4 persons: 1 600, - NOK

Prices are based on estimated time of up to 2½ hours.

If you want to spend more time there will be an addition of kr. 250, - NOK per. Extra accrued hour regardless of the number of participants.


When booking and participating in our tours, you agree to the terms that are set.

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