The booking of tours is via our e-mail or telephone. Once the booking is confirmed by both parties, it is considered an agreement.




We aim to the utmost to complete the tours as planned. Occasionally, however, situations (weather, illness, injury, eg.) can occur which we have little control, and forces us to to cancel a trip. In such cases, the agreement will terminate without any form of compensation.


Should there be situations that lead to change of plans for you, please contact us as soon as possible.




All tours are paid in cash in Norwegian kroner after the end of the trip. You will of course receive a receipt for the amount paid




Nearly all of our regular trips take place in relatively easy terrain, and will suit most people. At the same time, it will be so that those participating in our tours should have some understanding of nature walks and hiking and the physical side of such activities. We will always do our best to make sure that the trip is as safe as possible, but there is always a certain risk of eg. injury or accident being out in nature (like most other places). This is a risk that we assume you accept and take into account when booking a trip with us.

 This poses some requirements for you.



- should have a comprehensive travel / accident insurance

- must give us feedback about   conditions that may affect the implementation of the trip

- must follow the directions given by us in connection with the trip



Personal information

When you contact us and may order a trip, we will receive information such as name, phone number, email address, etc. This information is not shared with any third parties except for public authorities that have a rightful access to this type information.


You can contact us at any time to get an overview of what kind of information we have about you, and you can also request that non-statutory information be deleted.



Bodø Utendørs/ Bodø Outdoor AS

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Adresse: Gildeskålveien 21,   N-8003 Bodø

E-post:      post@bodooutdoor.no

Telefon:    +47 480 99 272